It's never easy to take a classic story and present it in a way that audiences have never seen before, but that's just what Universal Pictures is trying to do with Snow White And The Huntsman. And while these types of darker remakes are always risky, Universal is also gambling that first-time film director Rupert Sanders will be able to bring in some serious bank.

After watching this trailer, Universal might have actually discovered a potential blockbuster director in the making. What this movie seems to lack in a unique story (an unavoidable drawback) it more than makes up for in flashy visuals. Sanders seems to have a good grasp on the fantasy aspects of this flick, and his vision is in line with the bleak world of the original Grimm's fairy tale.

Even though Charlize Theron is sure to deliver an appropriately creepy performance as the Queen, audiences will have to sit through Kristen Stewart attempting to look halfway interested in her role as Snow White. The trailer doesn't do much to prove Stewart-haters wrong by barely showing any of her performance, which is usually the cinematic equivalent of a warning flare. The other concern on the acting side is whether or not Chris Hemsworth can separate his role as the Huntsman from what he already brought to the table in Thor

Snow White And The Huntsman certainly shows a lot of promise, but it has to be able to succeed in an area besides the visuals. We'll see how it all comes together when it gets released on June 1, 2012. 

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