5. The Ripped-In-Half Body in Day Of The Dead (1985)

Head of Special Makeup Effects: Tom Savini

George Romero’s series of Dead movies are known for their inevitable zombies-feast-upon-antagonists climaxes, such as the aforementioned biker’s last stand in Dawn Of The Dead. But in Romero’s third, and most extreme, flesh-eater flick, Day Of The Dead, makeup killer Tom Savini outdid himself once the ghouls turned the villainous soldier characters into an open buffet. And for Day Of The Dead’s meanest bad guy, Captain Rhodes (Joe Pilato), the walking corpses gave Romero’s filmography its crowning achievement in gore.

The heart of Day Of The Dead rests in the character of Logan (Richard Liberty), a mad scientist determined to calm the zombies down and restore humanity into them; his best pupil is Bub (Howard Sherman), a former soldier who listens to a Walkman and salutes his military superiors even though he’s deceased.

Rhodes, completely against Logan’s work, hates Bub, so it’s only right that Bub cause Rhodes’ demise. After Rhodes abandons his men and tries to flee on his own, he runs into Bub, who shoots him badly enough to disable the cap as a swarm of zombies pop out from behind Door Number One. They make quick work of Rhodes, tearing his body in half, though not without the strong-willed asshole firing off one last “Fuck you” in the form of “Choke on 'em!” One look at the picture above should prove that Romero’s zombies have plenty to cough up.