1. Actual LOL Humor

To put it plainly, the show is billed as a dramedy but the first season wasn't dramatically engaging or very funny. Rachel and her boyfriend do shrooms and he wilds out and kisses another dude...haha? This season, however, was a riot, even in the face of high stakes. Ben banging Nancy on the yacht, Kristen and Kirsten screaming at each other from opposite cabs, any interaction between Rachel and her boss Robin, and Eriq LaSalle's hilarious delivery of "What the fuck is a Rasta Monsta?!"

It's also worth noting that Lake Bell especially stepped up to the plate. She wasn't given many comedic moments in year one, but this season Rachel fell further and further down the rabbit hole, culminating in her big rock bottom showcase in "The Friction." As depicted above, she sold it quite well.