It has been no secret that since Steve Harvey has taken over hosting duties for The Family Feud things have gone a bit crazy. This particular clip is no different than others you might have seen. Allow us to introduce you to Shelia Ritchie, as she competes against The Baxter's for control of the board, the question asked was to "name something you like soft but firm."

For this self-proclaimed Christian mother, immediately the first thing that would come to any God fearing person's mind would be, you guessed it, "penis". Letting her unfilitered mind leak out on national television is something to be expected in this Digital Age—but twice?! That's a rarity even for Family Feud.

Surprisingly enough, Shelia's answer was the fifth most-popular answer on the board (guy's schlong counts). Watch the clip above for the second sexual innuendo Ms. Ritchie blurbs out! Can you guess what it is before hitting play?

If so, let us know in the comments section! Oh, Happy Turkey Day to all you people out there! Make sure you have a safe holiday!

[via Mediaite]