Many gamers have been saying for years that Sony needs to come up with their own version of Nintendo’s Smash Bros. series. The various Sony platforms have enough familiar faces that a mascot-fighter seems pretty much like a no-brainer. It turns out that SuperBot Entertainment may in fact be creating that sort of game for the PlayStation 3.

Screenshots and random Tweets from SuperBot’s Chris Molina are pointing in the direction of a confirmation of the title. Some of the mentions in Tweet-form include the following:

  • Our capture station and waiting area – Parappa is a permanent resident
  • The character artist sitting a row ahead of mine is modeling polygonal female boobies. Carry on…
  • Our studio fighters getting their brawl on
  • Racing to finish a level design doc for today’s review – map layout is looking spiffy if I do say so myself.
  • Slam! Second level design pitch approved by our studio leads! Now onto Sony Santa Monica for a final green light.
  • In the middle of a skype video interview with a level design candidate from Osaka, Japan.
  • New Sony Playstation commercial vaguely foreshadowing our soon to be announced title
  • Checking out the original art assets from a Sony IP title we’re appropriating for my level – very cool seeing this environment in raw form.
  • F*** you clown!

A couple of images have been posted to his account as well, which you can view in the gallery above. As convincing as all of these bits are, the biggest clue lies in the Tweet above which referred to Sony’s recent “Michael” ad as “foreshadowing” their current project. The ad features numerous characters from nearly every notable PlayStation franchise to date.

This is one rumor which is gaining a lot of momentum and we expect to hear something official in the very near future.