The Lonely Island, famous for such classic hits as, "Jizz in My Pants" and "Dick in a Box", have recently come under fire thanks to St. Louis producing duo StarStrukk Productions, who claim that Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island stole the material for tracks "Like a Boss" and "Shy Ronnie".

According to The Hollywood ReporterAleric  "Rick tha Rular" Banks and Monique "Foxx StarStrukk" Hines filed a lawsuit in New York federal court last Thursday against Samberg, The Lonely Island, NBC Universal and Universal Republic Records, alledging that Samberg's band stole their copyrighted music "verbatim" and added some of their own lyrics.

Banks and Himes claim that Universal Music Group sent them a "producer declaration" form in which Banks demanded 50% of the rights to "Like a Boss", being that he was the writer and producer of the track, and received a letter that stated he was only entitled to 25% interest.

Being that "Shy Ronnie" went on to be nominated for an Emmy, and both "Like a Boss" and "Shy Ronnie" were made into popular digital shorts for SNL, Banks believes he should make profits and royalties on par with the success of the two tracks.

Remember the video for "Shy Ronnie" where Rihanna complains "c'mon this beat cost alot of money"?  when Ronnie's timidity keeps him from rapping? In retrospect, that was clearly either foreshadowing to a future finacial loss via lawsuit or a bold-faced lie, right?

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