It’s no secret that Snoop Dogg loves playing videogames as much as smoking weed. The rapper hooked up with Yoostar to promote the new Kinect for Xbox 360 game,Yoostar on MTV. It makes sense, since the new game puts players inside of music videos like Snoop’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, as well as scenes from MTV reality shows like “The Real World”, “The Hills” and “Jersey Shore”. Snoop talks about the new game and 3D entertainment in this exclusive interview.

What’s been your favorite part of playing Yoostar so far?

Probably the one with Marilyn Monroe when I was eating a piece of chicken talking to Marilyn Monroe, putting my mack down, because that’s how I woulda did it. I’d a been mackin' it with Marilyn with a piece of chicken in my hand.

Exactly. She’d let you eat the chicken.

Yes. For sure.

I’ve seen you put your reserves away when you get caught eating the chicken.

Yeah, I know how to do my thing. I know how to stay low key and keep it professional.

What’s it been like running your own news network on YouTube?

Yeah the double-G N, that’s the news network that we released. Just something to let people know that we are concerned with what’s going on in the community, so I put together my own news network to bring it to you live and direct.

We’ve got the nut cleanup action going, right?

Yeah, the Terminator wipes.

What are your thoughts on this whole 3D revolution we’re seeing in games and movies. What’d smoke look like in 3D?

I could show you. If you really want to see some smoke in 3D, y’all come in my van when it’s over with and take a ride with me around the corner. Those 3D cameras they have now are tight. They look like…remember them viewfinders you used to watch when you was a kid that do like this? They look like one of those.

It looks like Wall-E.

Yeah, that’s sweet.

Do you have a 3D TV at home?


...we don’t got no 3D TV at my house, because I think we would really go crazy watching that 3D TV, but I’m anxious to see what one looks like.


No, we don’t got no 3D TV at my house, because I think we would really go crazy watching that 3D TV, but I’m anxious to see what one looks like. I never even seen anything in 3D other than a movie, but I’m anxious to see what a TV would look like. Do you have to wear glasses to watch that?

If you’re really cool, no, you’ve just got to get the Lasik that gives you 3D vision. [Laugh]

In your head?

Yeah, right?

Nah, I ain’t gonna do it like that. I’m cool. I’m gonna stay with this high-definition thing because it’s high, and it’s definitely in definition.

Anything you want to say to the gamers out there?

Yeah. Y’all keep on gaming and stay down with the big Snoop Dogg, because I’m coming at you live and direct for the 2000 plus 11, add one more on, that’s 12. You dig?