It looks as if police forces across the country are coming up with creative ways to infiltrate the Occupy Wall Street movement. The appearance of this strange equipment across the street from  Occupy Chicago headquarters has protesters  believing that the Chicago Police Department is listening to their cell phone conversations. But why? 

After questioning the Chicago PD's authority to listen to random cell phone chats due to Occupy Chicago's lack of violence, a source told Gawker that the mysterious devices had been in place for a few days and the guy who installed them was having entirely too much fun doing so. Unmarked vehicles have also been seen directly beneath the equipment, and protesters have been experiencing cell phone difficulties since its arrival.

Things have been relatively tame at Occupy Chicago, but this turn of events might change that. Chicagoist notes that Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy confirmed that his department has already started preparing for the G8 and NATO summits next May, so it's possible they're testing surveillance equipment in advance. However, Occupy Chicago isn't going to be ok with being the guinea pig for the Chicago PD's new toys.

[via Gawker and Chicagoist]

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