The Cherry Pie

Why are you looking at this woman's cherry pie? Here's why: Earlier this year, American Apparel, the clothing line designed for young, skinny, tall white people made the earth-shattering decision to look for a model with a fuller figure (can hipsters even appreciate the proper thickness?). It came as no surprise when the language of the contest (called the Next BIG Thing) used to procure the model seemed a little tongue-in-cheek, maybe smacked of a little condescension towards hip-hop slang and culture (okay, they used the word "booty-ful"—that clear enough?). Enter Nancy Upton, a blogger and provocateur. She submitted a number of photographs to the user-decided competition where she appears hella naked and frolicking with food. They ridiculed American Apparel and our culture's ideal version of the female form. Then Upton won. She won the fucking contest. American Apparel, showing their true day-glo colors, took the title from her, despite the votes of the public at large (2000 presidential election back!). AA is run by cowards.