Right behind Britain's attempt to air a sitcom based on the comedic life of Hitler, ALF is perhaps the strangest show to ever grace a television screen. The NBC oddity was about a middle-class suburban family that was forced to adopt a lazy, sarcastic alien after it crashed into their garage.

During the show's on-air life, ALF (an acronym for Alien Life Form) cracked jokes, drank like an Irishman, and basically drove this family to near insanity, all while kind of resembling Scott Bakula. Its strange concept intact, ALF was a unique bit of pop-culture camp that has been unfortunately forgotten over the years.

We still think Alf needs to be revived in a multi-million dollar blockbuster. Just get the dude’s hand out of ALF’s back door and create him with some believable CGI or advanced puppetry. Oh, and cut out the fact that he had an appetite for cats; that might not fly with those PETA people.