Waffle House

Website: wafflehouse.com
Closest Location: 
2101 Cherry Ln., Bethlehem, Pa.

Among the many clusters of chains that revere the burger, Waffle House stands out in its singular devotion to the waffle. But it is not the food item of its namesake that has us desperately uttering its name in our sleep, it's the hash browns. Imagine 24 hour access to charred shards of potato that have met their death via hours of grilling, waiting to be consumed during one of your drunken culinary indiscretions. There are eight unique routes to take: smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppers, capped, topped, or country. And then there are four portion options: regular, large, triple and "all the way" sizes. What is this, a secret unit of measurement? If Waffle House keeps holding out on NYC, we may never know.