You know all those advertising posters and standees that you see at your local store(s) whenever a game comes out? Well, those things usually end up in the trash or headed home with any gamer that has the nerves to ask the store for them when they are done. Bethesda has produced one of the best bits of advertising pieces ever seen in a gaming store for the upcoming Skyrim, and something tells me that your local Gamestop manager isn't going to just “give” this away.

Behold: the Skyrim Dragonborn statues. Check out the video above and stare in awe at a little piece of advertising that very few people are going to get a hold of. These things are wicked and die-hard gamers are going to be clamoring to get their hands on one. Smart stores would raffle these things off because we're sure they would make a mint in the ticket sales.