7. "The Devil And Homer Simpson" (Treehouse Of Horror IV, 1993)

This parody of Steven Vincent Benet’s short story The Devil And Daniel Webster starts with big laughs and doesn’t’ relent until the closing moments. In this world, Ned Flanders is actually Satan in disguise and he has tricked Homer into selling his soul in exchange for a donut; however, Homer quickly realizes he can bypass this deal as long as he doesn’t finish the delicious baked good.Of course, he eats the whole thing within a matter of minutes, and Satan quickly sets up a trial to prove that he is the rightful owner of Homer's soul. 

Everything about this segment works. It may only be eight minutes long, but it packs so much story and so many jokes into it that you won't feel shortchanged. It also includes one of the series' most famous gags when Homer is strapped to a chair and pumped full of donuts in Hell's "Ironic Punishment Room." There's no way that anyone can claim to be a Simpsons fan without seeing this segment.