13. "Citizen Kang" (Treehouse Of Horror VII, 1996)

In a rare bit of topical satire, "Citizen Kang" is a direct spoof of the 1996 Presidential election between President Clinton and Republican candidate Bob Dole, who Homer refers to as "Mumbly Joe". After the aliens, Kang and Kodos, impersonate Dole and Clinton in order to ensure one of them becomes President, Homer attempts to free the real candidates and stop the imposters. Before long, Homer inadvertently kills both Dole and Clinton, and Kang and Kodos run for President unopposed (as long as you’re not counting Ross Perot.)

"Citizen Kang" is full of great one-liners, with the best being Kang's disgruntled, “We've reached the limits of what rectal probing can teach us," after Homer pulls down his pants for him. This segment's sharp wit and subtle approach easily trumps the heavy-handed political satire the show has been attempting in recent years.