Yesterday, it was rumored that Occupy DC protesters were planning to take over the Hart Senate Office Building. Police were even considering having all staffers stay inside of offices in the event that demonstrators actually brought it to their front door. Well, it happened.

Capitol Police officers arrested six protesters later in the afternoon as they tried to unleash their banner. About 100 people entered the building around 11:30 a.m., as planned, continuing the demonstration in the halls of the building. A smaller group separated, and then tried to drape a banner over one of the balconies. Police demanded that they stop, and when they didn’t, they were arrested and charged with unlawful conduct.

Protesters had been working on securing a four-month extension for the Stop the Machine demonstration in Freedom Plaza, and doubt that today’s arrests will hurt negotiations.

Check out this video, courtesy of NBCWashington. They weren’t playing around.

[via DCist]