Sure, you may have upgraded your video card and maxed out your RAM for EA and DICE’s upcoming Battlefield 3 but you aren’t ready for the onslaught. That is of course as long as the setup shown in the video above exists.

Say hello to MSE Weibull’s ultimate FPS simulator. Designed and built by some of Europe’s top technology experts, this incredible piece of hardware boasts an omni-directional treadmill, wireless gun controls, ambient LED lighting, and paintball markers for delivering actual shots to the player. All of these components come together to deliver the most immersive 360-degree video game experience ever.

This is just a little video preview of the hardware and the full project is set to be revealed on the October 24 edition of the UK’s the Gadget Show. We cannot wait for the complete footage to show up online and needless to say, we want one.