Future Publishing is a major player in the world of video game magazines. They publish a wide variety of publications scanning the globe including Nintendo Power, Official Xbox Magazine, PC Gamer, and PlayStation: Official Magazine. That is in addition to running such websites as GamesRadar and Next-Gen.biz. The company’s  fiscal year ends on November 24 and things aren’t expected to be good.

It is looking as if the news is going to be even worse than expected as the company’s chief executive and financial officer have officially resigned. Both Stevie Spring and John Bowman stepped down this week, citing restructuring in an attempt to “eliminate an entire tier of corporate overhead”. This could have some major ramifications in the long run, especially if the cuts end up going further.

Who knows, perhaps some of their publications and websites may end up on the chopping block. Let’s hope not.

[via Gamasutra]