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Ladies and more ladies, allow us to introduce you to the man known around the galaxy as the Most Interesting Man in the World. Yes, that dashingly debonair Renaissance man from those Dos Equis radio and TV ads has come to Complex to drop those outrageous one-liners on your arse. If you're unfamiliar with the charismatic conquistador, there are few things you should know: His Aztec blood ritual costume isn't a costume; his pumpkin carvings have been described as "post-structuralist masterpieces;" and ghosts tell stories about him.

As we near the Halloween holiday, we get a chance to build with the character behind the man, as we witness the only man to have aced the Rorschach test invite us into his world of awesomeness. In this exclusive interview, Complex got the Dos Equis Man to comment on his most enthralling battle, his usage of the World Wide Web, and who he lobbies for in politics.

Interview by Kevin L. Clark (@DLYDJ)

Complex: As the "Most Interesting Man in the World," by now you've probably had your fair share of enemies, right? What has been your most exhilarating battle?

MIM: There was one particular match during my stint on the Ecuadorean amateur boxing circuit: Due to a translation error in the contract, they scheduled a match between me and a pack of Eurasian wolves. Fortunately for all involved, the wolves threw in the towel before the match began.

Complex: As an experienced traveler, what would you recommend to us as the best stops for unforgettable cuisine?

MIM: I can tell you this: When a Senegalese fishmonger’s wife rings the dinner bell, you best answer!

Complex: With the internet at our disposal nearly everywhere in the world, do you find yourself using search engines like Google?

MIM: I prefer to search by horseback. With the right thoroughbred, it’s slightly faster

Complex: So when you're sailing around the world, meeting interesting people, and dropping knowledge on the masses — what are five things that you cannot live without and why?

MIM: Obviously that depends on whether the sailboat in question is a catamaran or a keelboat. Either way, I would bring my evening kimono, a pair of sensible shoes, a hearty supply of grub worms, matching shark repellent wet suits, and my wave resistant Chinese checkers board. 

Complex: In your opinion, what is your favorite type of cuisine to pair with a cold Dos Equis?

MIM: That would depend on the company I’m keeping. For example, a hot curry pairing would taste better with Cambodian royalty. Whereas, in the company of top-secret jet engineers, I’d prefer a cream based yam chowder.

Complex: In a world in which most things aren't what they seem, what is the one thing that a man can't live without?

I can’t tell you. Because there are no words for that thing. There are only hieroglyphic expressions of it

Complex: With our culture occupying everything in sight, The Most Interesting Man in the World has to solve the American debt crisis—how do you save the day?

MIM: With the exception of lobbying on behalf of The Satin Jacket Manufacturers of America, I don’t get publically involved in politics.  

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