Yes, you read that correctly. If you needed anymore proof that the best Hollywood talent is heading to the small screen, we're here to let you know that Joel and Ethan Coen are working on their first TV project. Called HarveKarbo, it's an hour-long single-camera comedy about a private detective in Los Angeles who frequently encounters big Hollywood names while on the job. The Coen Brother's famed dark humor and subtle sensibilities will be transformed into TV gold by film screenwriter Phil Johnston, and together they are going to keep the funny over at Fox from going stale.

The No Country For Old Men helmers are rounding out HarveKarbo's friends with some as-yet-to-be named deadbeat friends who will live in Tinsel Town's El Segundo. The brothers have proved time and time again that they have a knack for comedy. It might take some effort for them to dial back from the hard-hitting R-rated stuff that they are so well-known for (see: The Big Lebowski and Raising Arizona for examples), but we have faith that they'll be able to pull it off.

Currently, The Coens have finished writing a screenplay for the crime-caper remake Gambit, but don't have any commitments to direct the project. Meanwhile, Johnston is writing the Zach Galifianakis comedy Reply All right now, and recently wrote Disney Animation's Wreck It Ralph screenplay. We'll keep you posted on when to expect HarveKarbo will hit the small screen.

[via /Film]