A few of us here at Complex have our own Nintendo 3DS stashed away in a safe place…somewhere. The lack of games for this handheld thing-a-ma-jig is troubling, though. Square Enix Europe and n-space hopes to remedy that with its upcoming action RPG, Heroes of Ruin. 

Our hands-on time with the demo left us surprisingly pleased. The game has four playable classes from the start that are fully customizable. We took the lion warrior (Paladin) for a spin and gave him a black mane with a blue colored vest. Gotta look good while you’re running around murdering evil fish baddies, right?

Our low-level lion traversed from the starting village into a cave crawling with baddies. We handled them justly with out trusty blade and running sword tackles. The combat is quick and easy to master once you start your rampage. The game gives us a Diablo vibe, which is entirely a good thing. 

The controls and 3D effects were on point. Press up on the D-Pad and equip your best loot. Press left and heal all those wounds ASAP. Hit the L shoulder button and you can pick up even more loot. The dungeons and characters sport the usual “Medieval Times” look, but we can get past that as long as we get to kill.  

The character classes have three skill trees to unlock, which means your badass avatar will have a lot of skills at their disposal. As far as the single player campaign goes, developer n-Space promised 10 hours of gameplay for each character. The fact that all the dungeons are randomly generated may give it even more replay value. 

Four player online co-op will be available for both local and broadband connections. For those who like to plan ahead before dungeon crawling with friends, a voice chat option is also available.

Heroes of Ruin is also set to offer gamers daily DLC content. How cool is that? 

Look for this hack and slash bonanza to drop sometime next year.