Patrick Judabong - photographer, DJ, and founder of the Fat Bastard Crew, known to the world as Buddhabong. He has traveled the world in search of stunning images, great beats, and the best eats. Currently, you can catch him getting fat in and around New York City.

The term "brunch" was invented by people who sleep in—like me. Some of my favorite eateries earn that status on the strength of this meal exclusively. Combining the aspects of breakfast and lunch along with letters from both of the words, brunch in New York is mad delicious, assuming you know where to go.

From creamy scrambled eggs to buttery battered waffles, New York brunch serves up the kind of goodness just about anyone can enjoy. The only draw back is the consistent (not to mention annoying) wait, at times more than 45 minutes. But the many positives definitely outweigh that negative.

(Twitter: @buddhabong)

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