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Zach Galifianakis may have hit it out of the park with The Hangover (the original one, not that underwhelming excuse for a sequel) but he's been striking out big time with The New Yorker.  

The Wall Stret Journal recently revealed that Galifianakis, along with a number of celebrities including Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg, Brad Paisley, Maureen Dowd and Roger Ebert, has tried to crack the elusive humor of The New Yorker's famous caption and failed miserably. 

But while some, like Ebert, have managed to get slip a caption or two through the New Yorker's hard to find cracks, Galifianakis' attempts have consistently been shot down, and after his last attempt, he seems to have finally given up. The New Yorker cartoon editor, Robert Mankoff has a theory on Galifianakis' cartoon catastrophe: "I think he was hurt," Mankoff surmised. "It's the thing that drives him now."

Galifianakis' final caption attempt was in 2007 for a cartoon that pictured two dogs chatting while watching another dog about to throw a stick. His final caption attempt? "Big deal. I can DRIVE a stick".

[via WSJ]