Talk of an Arrested Development movie has been in the air since the show's abrupt end in 2006. Five years later beloved never nudes everywhere are still anticipating the return of the Bluth family, led by Jason Bateman's "sane" Michael Bluth. In a presser with Empire Magazine for The Change-Up (which is in theaters overseas today), Bateman admitted with a heavy sigh the frustrations of developing such an arresting project, saying, "It's frustrating for me that I can't give fans of the show a more concrete answer." "I am as much of a fan of the show as they are. I get it."

That said, he confirmed that negotiations for the film were still on course and stated an unofficial guess that the project we've all been waiting for would begin filming "in the middle of next year." For fans of the show, this is the closest we'll get to a confirmation that the film is definitely happening after years of speculation. No details have yet been announced as to who may direct, but the shows narrator and executive producer Ron Howard is often mentioned as a possibility.

Has five years of teasing forced you to not believe Bateman's sentiments? Is all this movie talk the gang's last—and greatest—getcha-gotcha? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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