In the world of social media, Ashton Kutcher and Charlie Sheen are two of the most powerful celebrities at work. Kutcher was the first Twitter user to gain 1,000,000 followers, a record that Sheen upended earlier this year at the height of his media blitz.

Sheen’s tweets basically follow the same formula: He liberally uses the word “epic," hawks his upcoming mid-level appearances, and then caps it off by typing his worn-out word to live by, “Winning.” After reading about five or so of his Tweets, it’s immediately evident that the recent fascination with the controversial star is slowly circling the drain. But for now, 4,838,332 followers can’t be wrong; Charlie Sheen is still a commodity.

Despite Kutcher’s pretty-boy façade, the man is extremely adept in social media. His personal tweets let his fans get a glimpse into the way his mind works, although that can’t be much more complicated than the way an Easy-Bake Oven works.

He often attempts to educate his followers about worrisome social issues and uses his celebrity powers to raise money for good causes via Twitter. We’ve got to hand it to Kutcher for actually trying to achieve some good with his 140-character thoughts.

The edge goes to: Ashton Kutcher