Facebook shook things up with Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote speech at the f8 conference yesterday. To begin with, SNL comic Andy Samberg came out and offered a hilarious send-up of Facebook and its nerdy, tee-shirt-clad CEO, which kind of makes you forget all about how petty and small Zuckerberg was portrayed in The Social Network, right?

Right. Anyways, Samberg definitely skewered much of the Facebook phenomenon, softening the crowd up for Zuckie to deliver news of Facebook’s radical new Timeline redesign, which looks to use synchronized apps to push users to using Facebook more in real time, allowing them to synchronize the living of their lives with the publishing of their lives.

But regardless of whether it’s a calculated PR move or not, one has to love Andy Samberg being given free reign of picking on the richest nerd in history. Of course, when the real Zuckerberg shows up, he plays a perfectly awkward dude to Samberg’s biting impression. Comedy ensues.

[via Mashable]