Following Ashton Kuther's takeover of Two and A Half Men (which pulled in a far from shabby (27.8 million viewers), the show has planned another number-boosting stunt, and has signed on supernatural True Blood star, Joe Manganiello.

It's currently unclear whether Manganiello will be a single episode star or will have a reoccuring role, but it is confirmed he will make an appearance on the CBS comedy on October 24. He will be playing the new boyfriend of Walden Schmidt (Kutcher)'s ex-wife (Judy Greer).

Manganiello, who is also playing a male stripper in an upcoming Steven Soderbergh movie, has certainly been keeping busy on True Blood's hiatus. We don't mind him taking non-Alicide roles, as long as he is back where he belongs, alongside Sookie in Bon Temps, for season five of True Blood.

[via Entertainment Weekly]