WHERE: Silk City Diner, Philly
WHEN: August 30, 2011 

King Britt and Rucyl Mills are Saturn Never Sleeps, an electronic and experimental soul band, in perpetual collaboration with like-minded artists. On this night, they were accompanied by Mr. Eric Rico and the white dude giving Rucyl a church hug in the back there. Sorry, brother; we weren't introduced.

At any rate, it was a really inspired show, with these guys going batshit crazy on each and every contraption you see here in their set-up over the course of the night. Eric Rico beat the breaks off his bass and the mic too. King has always been an innovative dude, and there are a great deal of us in Philadelphia who have benefitted and continue to benefit from the paths he has set forth from his home base. Personally, that night was great because it took me back to the fact that King gave me my very first 21+ club break in this very same room back in 1992. Salute Saturn Never Sleeps, and check them out at on their website.