18. Rudy's Bar & Grill

Neighborhood: Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Address: 627 9th Ave.
Website: rudysbarnyc.com

Rudy's, famous for the the pig standing guard outside the entrance, has been open since the '30s, meaning you'd need ticker tape to count the men and women who came here to drink themselves to death (we're only half kidding, for the record). Even with free hot dogs at the ready, Rudy's is still a drink-till-your-guts-are-wetly-on-the-floor type place. Normally it's not a good idea to get draft beer at a dive (assuming it's even available), but Rudy's house brews are so cheap ($2.50 for a pint!) that an exception must be made. Honestly though, we don't know if the blonde really tastes as good as we want it to, or if it's just the extra dead presidents in our wallets whispering that it's delicious. Is Rudy's the heir to Mars Bar? Discuss. We'll be burrowing into a red, duct-tape covered booth, trying to keep our shit together.