Director: Jon Turtletaub
Stars: John Candy, Leon, Doug E. Doug, Malik Yoba, Rawle D. Lewis

Reflecting upon Cool Runnings, it’s easy to recall the sports comedy’s more endearing qualities. Silly in tone, director Jon Turtletaub’s fictionalization of the Olympic-qualifying Jamaican bobsledding team has enough genuine laughs to recommend, as well as a delightful John Candy at its center. We’re quite sure that some folks will question the movie’s inclusion here, but we’ve only got three words for those people: Open your eyes.

Lame more so for its goofy stereotypes than its underlying white-man-saves-the-day theme, Cool Runnings is a film that saves most of its grace for Candy’s character, a former bobsledding gold medalist who coaches the Jamaicans on how to fly down the icy tubes. But for the majority of the movie’s black characters, they’re saddled with sophomoric gags and the duty of milking one joke—that black people hate the cold—for all of its comedic merits. One character even pees his pants while stuck in the cold—all that’s left is the sight of Candy giving dude a diaper.

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