The Pacers gained notoriety after the seismic shift that was Michael Jordan’s first retirement, replacing Chicago as the Knicks newfound rivals. Five years later, Indiana sought to send Jordan back into the night without a sixth championship. Reggie Miller had long been one of the NBA’s greatest marksmen, however it wasn’t until he was joined by another dead eye in Chris Mullin that Indiana’s championship aspirations began to take shape. Actually, those plans started with a new coach, French Lick’s own Larry Bird, who propelled the Pacers towards a 19 game improvement over the previous season, finishing with a franchise record 58 victories. Miller and Mullin found themselves in good company, supported by the likes of Jalen Rose, Derrick McKey, Dale Davis, Antonio Davis and Rik Smits. A rag tag bunch for sure, but one that took Jordan’s Bulls as close to elimination as they’d ever been.