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Nielsen dropped a new batch of data today showing the 20 most popular Android apps in terms of active usage, that is the ones that people have not only downloaded, but actually used in the preceding 30 days. The top 5 shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody: 1. Android Market Place 2. Google Maps 3. Gmail 4. Facebook 5. Google Search. But what is more interesting the divide between men and women that the data shows.

When separated by gender, the top 5 are almost exactly the same across the board except for one thing: Men use Google Maps most of all (after the Android market itself) at 77 percent of participants; while women gravitated toward Facebook in the largest numbers at 81 percent. For men, Facebook was a distant fifth at 67 percent, and for women Google Maps trailed to number four at 72 percent.

So what does it mean that men spend their time looking up directions, while women are most engaged with catching up with friends? Are the men more focused on getting where they're going? Or are the women just less prone to getting lost?