WHERE: Cielo
WHEN: August 29, 2011

On Monday, I was blessed with the opportunity to sit in for the one and only Francois K at his weekly Deep Space party. Deep Space is Francois' exploration into the world of dub, future soul, and all things experimental. I really dig these opportunities, because there's always the chance to pick up new fans, and to surprise your regulars who decide to follow you into a new space. I saw folks who were Francois fans with the screwface, hip-hop lovers I know who came out of curiosity about what I may or may not play there, and all manner of random bridge and tunnelers, garage heads, body & soul heads, and everything in between. In the end I felt really good about my set that night. Great time, and a serious honor to get that call. Salute Erica Ruben & Francois K for the invite!