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Everyone remembers their first time. I mean, the very first time they writhed in terror as they laid their eyes on Michael Myers, the blood-crazed super-slasher from John Carpenter's Halloween. Well, thanks to the powers that be on these vast internets, audio of an audience reacting to the now classic horror film during 1978 (the year it was released) has surfaced. Doubts of its authenticity aside, the audio undoubtedly captures a sense of bonafide terror that, whether real or not, is utterly enjoyable to listen to.

So, click below and feast your ears on two minutes of the compounded fear of dozens of movie goers. And get a little nostalgic remembering the first time you heard Halloween's now iconically creepy piano melody. Admit it, you were screaming like a girl the first time you set eyes on Michael Myers' terrifying white facade, too.

[via IFC]