Fox has has purchased the rights to The Spectre, a drama based on the DC Comics character that was created in 1940 by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and Bernard Bailey, according to Deadline. Brandon Camp will serve as the series' writer and Bill Gerber (Gran Torino) will executive produce the show. 

The Spectre revolves around the soul of a murdered cop that hunts down criminals in order to bring justice and vengeance to the innocent. While he serves mostly as a guardian angel, the Spectre is also one of the rare DC characters that kills his ememies regularly. The first Spectre was a man named Jim Corrigan, but both Hal Jordan and Gotham City police officer Crispus Allen have all had stints as the Spirit of Vengeance.

There's no word yet on potential casting, or what version of the Spectre will be the focus of the pilot, but hopefully The Spectre has more luck on Fox than the network's last DC Show, Human Target. We're guessing you don't remember that one.

[Via Deadline]