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Google keeps on making it, Facebook keeps on taking it. 

The world's largest social network today unveiled a new way for users to automatically categorize their friend groups with a feature called Smart Lists. The feature, which goes into effect on Wednesday, September 14, will automatically create friend lists based on school, location, job, and family, allowing you to easily choose which of your friend's status updates, videos, images, and notes you want to see. 

Like the original Friends list feature which debuted in 2007, users will have to turn on Smart Lists in order to use it. Once acitivated, they will be able to edit who is in each list, and even create lists based on other criteria. 

For those that have used Google+, the Smart Lists feature seems to closely resemble the Circle feature found in Google's social network. According to Facebook, that's just coincidence, as this feature has been in the works for a long time because users have been complaining about "how time-consuming it is to organize lists for different parts of your life and keep them up to date." 

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