Back in March, we told you about Color, a photo sharing app with a cool idea (letting people in the same vicinity share pics with one another) that attracted a cool $41 million in venture capital money before it launched. But in the startup world, even buzz, money and a cool idea don't make you a hit with users, and Color needed a lot of users for its service to make sense.

Now the company hopes it will find those users among Facebook's 750 million or so.

At Facebook's ongoing F8 conference, Color founder Bill Nguyen unveiled his company's plans to reinvent itself as a Facebook app.

“I’d take a picture on Color and what, 20 people could see it?” said Nguyen in an interview with Jenna Wortham of the New York Times. “Now we’re talking about access to 750 million users instead of 1 million.”

Color for Facebook won't just be a rehash of the old app, however. Among a number of interesting new features is something called "Visits," which will let users share what their smartphone camera is seeing with friends in real time.

“It lets people create their own broadcast network,” said Nguyen.

The new Color is still in private beta testing, but it will eventually be rolled out to a wider test audience. We'll keep you posted.