In-store pick-up has long been the nirvana of online shoppers with a severe lack of patience or terrible distrust of the mailman. Yet, as strictly an online retailer—the biggest, lest you forget—with no brick-and-mortar locations, could offer no such option to its customers until now. No they won’t be partnering up with a big-box competitor like a Best Buy. Instead—and cleverly so—they’ve gone with 7-Eleven, as the rather unassuming photo of P.O. box-like lockers above from a Seattle location reveals.

Strangely, the partnership probably is about the convenience of, say, being able to stock up on dutches while picking up your textbooks from Amazon. After all, 7-Eleven is everywhere—from metropolis to middle-of-nowhere locales. And everyone makes a trip there for something, whether it be toilet paper or Slurpees—much like Amazon. So, in terms of ubiquity, Amazon has certainly found its match.

[via Engadget]

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