WHERE: C train, leaving 96th Street station
WHEN: Sunday, September 25, 2011

Once I was off the Amtrak from Philly, I jumped on the C train uptown to 116th & Amsterdam. On the way, I caught this with my phone. Doesn't look like a place you'd wanna be chilling out unless you are waiting for, or inside, a train. Crazy thing is, the train was pulling out slowly, and I saw what looked like a family run across the tracks in the darkness. A man, a woman, and a smaller person…Real talk! I had to share it, cause it spooked me, though I can only show you the abyss they disappeared into. Everybody has a sorry to tell. I'm super curious about theirs and how many people they regularly share that story with…shit like that is truly bugged out when it ain't in a movie.