5. Because if more people watch it, John Noble might finally get his well-deserved Emmy nomination.

The Fringe family’s ultimate burden has to be watching Emmy Awards announcement ceremonies and broadcasts knowing that their beloved show deserves to be nominated in the place of inconsistent shows like Dexter. The chances of ever seeing Fringe as an Emmy contender are slimmer than Jonah Hill, but there is one small hope that’s worth keeping: John Noble as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

And why not? Anyone who’s seen at least two or three Fringe episodes knows that Noble, an Australian actor previously recognized as Denethor in Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy, is the show’s emotional core. As Dr. Walter Bishop, he’s a real heartbreaker, endlessly worrying about his son Peter, battling with the knowledge that Peter knows he’s really Walternate’s son, and doing his best to maintain integrity in spite of his weirdness and obsessive quirks (the man sure does love those strawberry milkshakes).

How about Walternate? The polar opposite of licorice-devouring Walter, Noble’s character in the parallel universe is a confident and tyrannical man of devastating science, which allows Noble to show his range. But we’re more partial to plain old Walter, one of television’s most sympathetic do-gooders who’s worthy of statuesque recognition.