Show: The Closer
Banking On: $350,000 per episode
Worth the Investment? No
Complex Says: While TNT’s The Closer might not have us running for our screens on Monday nights, Kyra Sedgwick is admittedly impressive on this series, which follows her character’s reign as Deputy Police Chief of the L.A.P.D. Brenda Leigh Johnson earns her nickname, “the closer,” from her ability to compel suspects to confess and thus bring cases to a final close.

However, despite the actress’ solid chops, the lead’s notable politeness and southern belle persona feel fairly unrealistic for someone working in the high stakes Major Crimes Division. We guess that’s what’s supposed to make the show stand out amongst the countless other crime dramas on TV, but at points it begins to feel like watching an older, misplaced Sookie Stackhouse. And we’re good with Anna Paquin, thanks.