When we look for iPhone cases, we generally go for ones that add little bulk and either follow or accentuate the iPhone's original lines. If that sounds boring and you want something a little more kitschy, we've found just the case for you: Urban Outfitter's 80s Cell Phone Case. 

Loosely modeled after the classic Motorola DynaTAC (also known as the Zack Morris phone), UO's 80s case is made from plastic and is bulky as hell, measuring in 2.5-inches deep and 7.5-inches tall. With the phone in, you have full access to the touchscreen and home button. We haven't used one yet, but we're sure this case will protect your iPhone from any, or most, mishaps and drops. 

Carrying this thing around is going to be a pain in the ass, but if you're actually considering purchasing this, we're sure that's the least of your problems. 

The 80s Cell Phone Case is available now from Urban Outfitters for $20

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[via Mac World

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