It's been thirteen years since Johnny Depp's now classic incarnation of a drug-riddled journalist in Hunter S. Thompson's autobiographical novel turned movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. But after a long hiatus, Depp is taking on Thompson once again, this time in the form of alcoholic journalist Paul Kemp in The Rum Diary.

The movie, which is director Bruce Robinson's adaption of Thompson's novel of the same name, is  loosely based on Thompson's experiences while working for a local paper in Puerto Rico.  And, based on the trailer, which shows hallucinations ala Fear and Loathing, Depp taking down 160 airplane bottles of booze, Amber Heard skinny-dipping and, inexplicably, a turtle iced out in Swarovski cystals, this is looking like another Depp/Thompson mash-up that can't be missed.

Truthfully, we're just happy that the rum-swigging role Depp is taking on is a journalist in Puerto Rico, not a pirate in the Caribbean. 

The movie, whose cast includes Aaron Eckhart, Richard Jenkins and Giovanni Ribisi, will be hitting the big screen October 28th.

[via Huff Post]