Cinephiles familiar with the name Roland Emmerich may be surprised that the man known for destroying the world is spending his time making a wussy Shakespeare movie. But that doesn't mean he's no longer in the apocalyptic-movie making business. This time the man who loves watching the planet get blown up dons the producers cap for filmmaker/director Tim Fehlbaum's Hell — a movie set in a world where the sun is no longer the Earth's friend.

The German post-apocalyptic thriller finds three characters, Maria, her little sister Leonie, and Phillip, heading for the mountains in a tinted glass automobile. In a land where forests are scorched and animal carcasses line the roads, rumor has it that water can still be found. The wandering travelers run into a mysterious man by the name of Tom, whose first-rate mechanic skills become indispensable on their journey. But as the tension and the temperature rise, the real battle for survival begins.

Funnily enough, Hell, is the German word for "Bright," which means we can expect this illuminating spectacle of an end-of-the-world terror to cast a long shadow when it opens this September in Germany. There's no word on if there'll be a U.S. release, though.

[via /Film]