Date: May 17, 2006

On this historic night, the classiest man alive, Brandon Davis, added fuel to the fire(crotch). While Paris was blamed for comments against Lohan's lady parts it was actually Davis doing all the smack talk. He told the paparazzi that Lohan did, in fact, have a "firecrotch"  and "it shits freckles." Although she didn't say it herself, Paris was guilty for laughing at his comments and has had a history of calling Lindsay a  "coked out whore" and a "loser" in the past.

Later that year, during an interview for Elle magazine, Lohan said she received prank calls from Paris and Brandon Davis, continuing their firecrotch taunts. She then stated, "obviously, [Paris is] very comfortable making videos," a stab at Paris' very public sex tape.