Bad news kids: The end of summer is near. For some, this means consolidating drinking to three days a week instead of five; for others, it's putting a kibosh on beachside bootycalls; and for others still, who worked 100+ hour weeks and spent more time hovering over BlackBerrys than cold drinks, summer never really began. Well, we've got a remedy for all of these ills: the staycation.

Rather than dropping beaucoup bucks to watch senior citizens grope one another on some sketchy cruise line, why not invest that money in the greatest city in the world? We’re talking about NYC, of course. While this city ain’t cheap, you don't need to be (that) paid to revel in the best it has to offer. And that goes for hotels. It’s possible to shack up at some of the sweetest temporary digs in the country without breaking the bank (particularly with the number of swank spaces offering up big summer deals), so going big no longer means going broke. But for those with some extra dough to spend, we’ve got you covered too. Whether you’re making it rain or barely making it, check out our list of Great NYC Hotels for Every Budget.