To stand out in an oversaturated market, what would one need? A creative name? A unique advertising effort that grabs attention? Those would certainly seem essential, and it looks like Sony has made those two the central elements of their entry into the tablet market.

Get this: after a series of something called “teaser” trailers, Sony has now announced the official name of their S1 Android tablet, and here it is: The Sony Tablet S! 

The S! Like Superman! Or Sony! Or Saturate! I can only imagine the possibilities for sibilance in the press release.

A sizzling, sexy 9.4-inch screen graces a sleek, slim tablet of the future. It’s the S! Coming soon this September!

But though the name may come across as a bit uninspired, Sony plans to make its device distinct in the way it unites you and all of your other media, and of course, the inclusion of its PlayStation-certified gaming and music. The device contains an IR blaster that can transmit media to other DLNA-compatible hardware, and is going to be shipped running Android 3.1 and with dual cameras (3.0 MP-res front cam, 5.0 back cam). It also features something called “TruBlack” screen technology. An official price has not yet been announced.

[via Engadget]