Kinect fans rejoice as publisher Majesco has you in mind for their next game. After making housewives and workout fiends happy with the Zumba Fitness game, the publisher is giving the motion controller another shot with a video game version of Hasbro's board game Twister. The company looks to release the game on November 1 for $50. Not a bad price to stay in shape and have fun with friends.

Joystiq reports that "up to eight" people can play at once, but for anyone who is in the know, knows that it'll be hard to pull that off. The "twist" to all of this is that this Twister game will utilize the Kinect sensor to allow gamers to pretzel themselves up for real. Yes, Hasbro's classic title will be repackaged as a rhythm game where players have to dodge shapes that pop up on-screen. Along with 16 different game modes, Majesco hopes to have another hit on its hand that'll leave players in knots.

[via Joystiq]




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