Barely has any information surfaced about Max Payne 3 since Rockstar Games announced the game in 2009, with the company occasionally releasing new screenshots of the title. At one point it did seem as if Rockstar was aiming for a December release, but that's looking extremely unlikely. In these new stills, you can see that the critically acclaimed game has undergone several rethinks during its long gestation period. 

It seems that Rockstar Vancouver has shelved the bald-headed, dirty tramp look that we've seen before, in favor of a noir-ish looking private investigator. Maybe this could be just from an earlier/later part in the game, because according to the blurb posted on Rockstar's site, Payne is still addicted to painkillers, while working as private security in Brazil.

Max Payne 3 will still use bullet time, the Europhia physics engine seen in all of Rockstar's most recent games, and will also have a new cover system. As you can see in the second screenshot, there will be fully destructible scenery. When running away from the bad guys or inflicted by bullet wounds, Max will sweat and bleed realistically. With all of that and original voice actor James McCaffrey back in the driver's seat, doing motion capture, it seems that we should expect some exciting news in the next few months.

Check out the still belows and share your thoughts in the comments section:

[via Game Informer]