Salute fam,

After DJ Nuts brought Brazil to Props last Wednesday, I rocked at Yotel in Manhattan alongside Dego (4hero/2000black/SilhouetteBrown), Maya Azucena (new LP Cry Love available now), and Sophia Urista to a packed and rowdy house.

Friday night I bounced back home to Philadelphia to do Jump N Funk, my Fela Kuti Tribute/Global Afro Soul party, at Fluid. If you don't know, now you know. Jump N Funk has been banging the Fela joints for years and years, way before Fela records became "sexy." If you take offense, fuck it, got to be that way—PosDNous. Stay tuned for 10 Year Anniversary data coming down the pipe soon!

Saturday, we were back in Brooklyn, at Southpaw, for Body Rock, an '80s and '90s themed hip-hop and R&B joint, where I got to spin solo for the entire night.

The weekend ended beautifully at Tony Touch's Funkbox 3 Year Anniversary/Rock Steady Crew 34th Anniversary after party. The shit was banana pancakes: mad dancers, mad house heads, classics heads, and a great end to a busy musical week. Here's a few glances at this past week's tomfoolery.

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