You are a money cow.  Electronic Arts is a farmer.  Prepare to be milked.  The EA Sports Season Ticket begins today and if you cough up $24.99 per year (2000 MSP) you will get early access to games and a 20% discount on all DLC for participating games.  Getting access to games before their launch date sounds cool, but read the full details below as it sounds like your early access will terminate and you will still need to run out and buy the game instead of just paying for your downloaded copy.  Check out the all of the deets:

Early Full-Game Digital Access: Three days before a game’s scheduled release, fans will be able to download and play the full version of all five participating titles on  Xbox 360 and PS3™**. The digitally downloaded game will time out when the game is available at retail and consumers have the option to purchase the same full game on disc at retail.  EA SPORTS Season Ticket subscribers can transfer all achievements earned during the three-day download period to the purchased disc, resulting in an early edge over the competition. 

Discounted Downloadable Content: Subscribers will get a 20-percent discount on all available downloadable content for participating EA SPORTS titles. Downloadable content, which enhances and refreshes the core game experience, includes such items as Ultimate Team packs, accelerator packs and gear upgrades.

Free Premium Web Content: Premium web content extends the game experience beyond the console to a web browser. All participating titles will feature premium web content that will be free to EA SPORTS Season Ticket members beginning with the premium Creation Center packs for FIFA Soccer 12. These packs provide a deeper set of customization tools and abilities within Creation Center to build your own teams and tournaments, and will be available to the consumer until the membership to the program has expired.

Membership Recognition: Subscribers are easily identifiable with an exclusive membership recognition badge displayed both in-game and on their profile.

Does the EA Sports Season Ticket give you enough value for your dollar or do you feel like a cow with sore udders? [via EA]


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